feel calmer, think clearer, live lighter.

feel calmer, think clearer, live lighter.

100% Organic & Vegan Superfoods – Designed to boost your immune system, achieve your weight goals & clear your skin. Add it to any food you like.


blends with benefits


Meet Your Most Delicious Wellness & Beauty Routine Yet

14 healthiest superfoods in your hands, taken from the oldest traditions, born from nature. Proven to ease stress [1] and generate elevated calm and clarity-like state. 

Naturally sweet flavors, no-added sugars.

stress less.

70% of young-adults suffer from chronic stress. Dose of Raw’s ingredients are proven to lower anxiety [1] and protect the body from oxidative stress [2] by naturally increasing antioxidant levels to fight free-radicals (unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging.)

find your flow.

Creative work needs more than energy. Find your flow with brain-nourishing ingredients proven to boost focus while stimulating brain activity [3]. Elevate your mental energy similarly to meditation. 

take control.​

Wellness, simplified. One proven daily ritual to strengthen immunity [4], help reduce inflammation in body [6], fight cell-damage [8], and protect DNA from the degenerative effect of aging [8].


Add Our Blends To Anything!

Our blends are great for .

But don’t just stop there! Make your pancakes, cookies or waffles colorful and ultra-nutritious by just adding 1-2 tsp!

Our promise

We believe that all of us have a responsibility to be socially and environmentally conscious, which is why we turn something that’s great for you into something that is good for our planet too…

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Key Ingredients

MAQUI The most antioxidant dense fruit in the world. This rare superberry helps combat free radicals (Nasty molecules, trying to harm your skin).

MACA ROOT A powerful adaptogenic root that works to improve your mental-health, boost brain power, and reduce anxiety. 

CAMU-CAMU a dose of antioxidant protection against aging UV. It also protects the skin against the negative impacts of pollution and even pollen which can lead to dry, itchy, and inflamed skin.

Dose of Raw is perfect if...

  • You want to support your daily nutrition needs.

  • You want to de-stress and lift your mood.

  • You want to break out of a mental fog to focus better.​

  • You're looking to achieve your weight-goals​

  • You want to stay healthy by supporting your immune system.

  • You believe healthy aging starts from within.​

Join Our Self-Love Club!

Feel like the best self with us! Make Dose of Raw superfoods your daily ritual for happy, healthy, calm mind & body.

We take care of your vitamins so you can take on everything else.

Nutrition can be tough girl. But we make it a little easier by ensuring you get your daily antioxidants & essential vitamins —because feeling good about yourself makes the rest feel a little easier. 

Healthier body. Clearer mind. Better skin. Meet The Self-Love Bundle. 


All of our mixes are yummy without any added sweeteners. We promise that you don’t have to be afraid of bad taste. 

The Green Immunity Blend  has a bit of a sweet taste to it. 

The Pink Beauty Blend is more neutral with a hint of sweet.

Self-Love Bundle Net 400g and they will last around 1-2.5 months depending on how often you’re using it. 🙂 

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The Green Immunity-Blend

The Pink Antioxidant Blend

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