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Hi, nice to meet you!

Dose of Raw superfoods was created when I needed a little pick-me-up after an exhausting year of having a baby.

Acne, anxiety, foggy-mind.. yup I had it all.

I’m not a big believer in prescription drugs so I went looking for natural ways instead. During that time I learned that antioxidants have a great power to relieve anxiety & stress so I begin testing. 

After 2 weeks I finally felt like I didn’t need 3 coffees a day to survive. I felt focused, energized and the best part happened after 3 weeks when I noticed my skin was clearing up. 

So during my son’s nap times, I started building up Dose of Raw to be able to share the superfoods that worked best for me & my family with you, who might feel the same way (foggy, anxious, tired – or all of them). Give it a try, they’re really tasty 😉 

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reboot your mind & skin

Antioxidant superfoods for inner and outer beauty. To create the most delicious sensory ritual  for the mind, body, and spirit. Simply add it to your drinks or foods to unwind, de-stress & heal. 

why did we start?

Anxiety is on the rise and that didn’t fit well with us. We  wanted to create something100% natural  without any side-effects that would put your mind at ease while giving you also essential vitamins & minerals to power through the day. 

how do we do it?

Honestly, there’s no hocus-pocus, it’s just super healthy and antioxidant-rich organic plants, with water taken out so that the nutrients stay in. 

Our products have no synthetics, added sweeteners or any of the usual pests. These are 100% raw products that nourish your body, keeping you healthy, happy & calm.

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