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Superfoods are ridiculously nutritious foods which might give you superpowers. Okay-okay maybe you’re not going to get any superpowers, but you will definitely gain some crazy nutrients, you have not even heard before. 

These nutrients are all essential for your health and well-being! Each of our mixes consists of powerful superfoods specifically designed to improve your well-being. 

The evidence of how beneficial superfoods are for us is overwhelming.

Superfoods can help your body ward off diseases and keep you healthier.They promote heart health, weight-loss, improve energy levels and reduce the effects of aging.

Antioxidants found in many superfoods may help prevent cancer, while healthy fats can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Our superfoods are 200g and each package will last around 1-2.5 months depending on how much you like using it. 🙂

Yes absolutely! All of our superfood mixes are USDA Organic Certified. 

All of our mixes are yummy without any added sweeteners. We promise that you don’t have to be afraid of bad taste. 

Kale Yeah! has a bit of a sweet taste to it. 

Antioxidant Bomb is a little sweet & sour. 

Firstly, our local farmers make sure that the ingredients are heavily pampered with love. Then, just after harvesting, the ingredients are naturally dried at low temperatures to maintain as many nutrients as possible, because nobody is eating broccoli for its heavenly taste. 

After drying, the ingredients are milled into easy to use powder. So you wouldn’t have to eat as many watermelons as Tom in a Mathematics text book. 

The final step is filling our recyclable pouches with goodies & then they’re ready to meet You!

You can easily integrate our mixes into your everyday life. Use it for water, nut milk, smoothies, juices, oatmeal, yoghurt, homemade snacks, salads and dips or whatever you like. Simply add a spoonful of your chosen mix into whatever you’re making! 

Whilst our products are 100% natural and contain no harmful ingredients. We recommend consulting with your Doctor prior to using any product you are unsure about.

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We ship out our products from our European warehouse. If you shop internationally, Your order might incur charges and are decided by your local customs office and these fees can include (clearance fees, customs duty, good and services tax (GST) and other taxes. Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges. We recommend contacting your local post office if you are unsure about any fees that might be relevant to you.

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Just shoot an email to [email protected] and we’ll give you detailed tracking info.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will find this unbelievable, but nonetheless You have the right for 14 day money-back guarantee from the time you receive the goods.

To organise a return (or discuss Game Of Thrones ending), please send an email to our customer service wizards via [email protected]

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If you want to change your order please email [email protected] with your order details as soon as possible and we will try and help, however our warehouse fairies may have already sent it out. (They can’t help it! They love to be efficient! It’s not their fault!)

Unfortunately once the order has been shipped, it’s yours. 

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Antioxidant Bomb

Kale Yeah!

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