How Often To Use Your Skin Care?

As a self-professed Lazy Person, I like to do as little as possible skin care-wise (also exercise-wise, but that’s less relevant here). It’s not that I don’t value looking after my skin. I do! I just also value watching Netflix and reading and sometimes, not doing anything-ing. So when it comes to skin care stuff, I like to keep it simple and do only what is really needed. Which made me think: how often do I really need to be doing everything?

Things To Do Daily

Hopefully, this will come as no surprise, but sun protection is every single day, all year round essential. Even on the days you’re not really going anywhere. You should always be finishing your morning skincare with a generous application of SPF, then reapply it as directed (read: often!) to keep your skin protected all day long. Sunscreen should always be applied after moisturizer!

Load up on Antioxidants!
Many girls don’t know it but you can protect your skin from premature aging, with antioxidant-rich diet. See antioxidants are proven by studies to fight free radicals (the bad guys) in your body. So basically, free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to our cells & the worst part is that  we’re surrounded by them all the time! :O Pollution, UV-rays, cigarette smoke, alcohol – they’re all around us. Think of antioxidants as free radical scavengers that help slow down skin damage in its path.

Makeup, SPF, grime, pollution, excess oil, skin care. Some – or in a lot of cases, all – of these things are all over your face each day. Which isn’t a problem unless you fail to remove them properly with a cleanser at the end of the day. In which case you’ll likely be punished with breakouts and congestion. 

A gentle cleanse in the morning can also be very beneficial for getting rid of sweat or grime, and giving your face a clean slate for all your morning skin care.

Face oils and moisturisers
All skin types and ages will benefit from antioxidants and nourishment. All of them!  These are essential for protecting skin from premature-ageing and maintaining hydration levels. Use a face oil, moisturiser, or both (!), every day, twice a day and enjoy your soft, smooth, and soothed skin.toxins

Where To Get Antioxidants?

Incorporating antioxidants into your daily diet and skin care routines is pretty darn easy. For starters, look into your diet. Healthy aging starts from within! Implement, antioxidant-rich superfoods in your diet to make sure, you’re getting all the protection your skin needs and more. 

Things To Do Weekly

Green Superfood Mask
Spirulina masks are enormously beneficial for detoxifying and purifying your skin. Used once a week they go deep into pores, draw out impurities, and balance excess oil. Generally speaking, most people will benefit most from a superfood clear-out once a week. 

Exfoliation is key for happy skin because it gives your pores a real good clear out, gets rid of dead skin cells, and results in a whole lot of radiance. But that doesn’t mean you need to be doing it everyday. Using an exfoliant two-three times a week is plenty to keep your skin healthy. It’s tempting to use them more often but using them too frequently will result in over-exfoliation and a severely pissed-off skin barrier.

Wash your pillowcases
Sweat, dirt, bacteria, and other gross stuff are known to build up on pillowcases so it’s best to toss them in the wash once a week at least. (Same goes for your makeup brushes, and towels, and basically anything else you regularly put on your face.) (Ahem, for makeup brushes you can prooobably get away with a quick spot clean, and then give them a real deep clean every couple of months.)

DIY Green Superfood Mask

This simple and easy face mask is an excellent choice for all skin types. It will leave your skin feeling moisturized and bright, along with evening out skin tone and fighting bacteria.

Things To Do Monthly

Facials or treatments
Be it an at-home facial, or a professional spa/salon treatment, a couple of times each month is ideal to give your skin a little boost in addition to your everyday skin care routine. (Want to give yourself a mini facial in the comfort of your tracksuit but don’t know where to start? Here’s one we prepared earlier.

Check expiry dates
When was the last time you checked the expiry dates on your beauty products? (If you don’t know it’s been too long.) This is a very easy one to forget about, but setting a reminder in your phone to check in once every month or so is a good way to keep on top of it, and make sure everything on your shelfie is fresh and good to go.

Things To Do Annualy

Skin checks
Such! An! Important! One! 

It’s generally recommended that you have a dermatologist thoroughly check your skin at least once a year but if you’re considered high-risk, your doctor may suggest you have them more frequently so always, always check in with a skin specialist to find out what’s best for your skin. Then immediately put a reminder in your calendar so you don’t forget. (Please.)